A Few Of My Favorite Things…

22 Apr

Strawberry, raspberry, apple, and amber,

12 percent, 5 percent, 7.5er,

Black cherry, grapefruit, dark, blonde, cloudy, clear…

These are a few of my favorite beers.

OK, so these aren’t exactly the same items that Maria used to cheer up those little Von Trapp kids, but perhaps if she had sung these lyrics, the movie wouldn’t have ended on such a sad note.  With glass upon glass of ale, Rolf definitely wouldn’t have dumped Liesl for the Nazi Party.  Hot chick with beer?  Or sober men with superiority complexes?  Hmm…

Anyway, if I could rewrite the “These are a few of my favorite things” song, the above verse would pretty much be spot on.  Yes, that’s right ladies and gentlemen…I went to Brussels.

You might be asking yourself, “But why, oh why does a girl who spends time in Ireland knocking more than a few back with the best of ‘em need to go to Belgium?”  Why, I’m glad you asked, anonymous blog reader.  You see, while Ireland is undoubtedly the master of getting absolutely pissed, Belgium has made drinking an art.  And I don’t mean the I’m-a-French-speaking-pansy-who-sips-refined-champagne-whilst-discussing-politics-and-important-cultural-issues-at-a-gallery-in-a-black-mock-turtleneck kind of art.  Belgians leave that kind of art to their neighbors in France.  When I say art, I mean that Belgium knows beer.  And it knows a lot of beer.  Like, a lot a lot.  Like a telephone book of beer.

Manneken Pis

Brussels is a chill city.  I loved it, just wandering through the streets and soaking in the local character, walking through the parks and getting my required picture (or five) of Manneken Pis.  I ate more than my fair share of waffles, chocolate, and frites, but who can argue when the price is right and the delectable way each of those three foods melts on your tongue is even…righter?  My diet while in Brussels consisted of waffle for breakfast, frites for lunch (French fries originated in Belgium), waffle for snack, subway/pizza for dinner, beer for dessert, and free chocolate samples at any point in between.  Healthy, wouldn’t you agree?

Brussels is the kind of city I only need a day to sight-see, but could easily waste a few months in just hanging out.  There isn’t that much to do, really, but the people are so friendly and the city is so welcoming and the food is soooo good that it doesn’t take a rocket scientist to realize that this combination is the perfect arrangement.  If I had taken French in high school/college, I think I would’ve much preferred to study in Brussels than in Paris.  While I have already admitted my love affair with Paris, and would move there at the drop of a hat, Brussels is a student-friendly, eager-to-speak-English-to-you kind of a place, and unlike Paris, which can intimidate and prove stand-offish, Brussels is the laid back younger sister who just wants to be your friend and buy you a beer.


And so we spent our two nights in Brussels having beers magically appear in front of us, ripe for the sampling, as we perused the phone book of beers and made new friends.  Delirium Café is a Brussels staple and, with over 2004 varieties, boasts the Guinness World Record for most beers.  Having sampled a little over 10, we barely made a dent in the collection, but we gave it our best shot.  Opposed to Greece, where you practically have to pay someone to look your way at a bar or club, the patrons at Delirium were more than happy to chat and mingle…a refreshing change, to say the very least.  And so we chatted.  And mingled.  And drank beer.  Strawberry beer.  Black cherry beer.  Citrus beer.  White beer.  Beer with a 12% alcohol content.  Beer with a 4% alcohol content.  Beer in tall skinny glasses.  Beer in fat rounded mugs.  Beer of every possible size and color and fashion that you could dream of.  Beer that…I think I’ll stop now.  I believe I’ve made my pint, I mean point.

If you get the chance, go to Brussels.  Have a beer, make a friend or two, and nosh on some of the best snack food around.  If that’s not the life, then I don’t know what is.

Sign for Delirium


One Response to “A Few Of My Favorite Things…”

  1. Jillian Levi July 26, 2011 at 12:37 am #

    The entry made me want to visit brussels so badly!! Absolutely love it!! =D

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