Gotta Love That Swine Flu…

30 Sep

After a long day of work, when someone runs up to you jumping up and down screaming that you don’t have school for a week over and over again, your first reaction is to stare at him or her blankly and then calmly decide to ignore the statement.  So when Elyse came running out of Starbucks yelling and panting that school was to be canceled until next Thursday, this was exactly my reaction.  Why should I believe her?  We were already scheduled to have a 4 day weekend, I had not received any notification to deem this claim true, and she had that sly little smile, the one that just reeks of a laugh waiting behind those suspiciously curled lips, that could absolutely not be trusted.

“GUYS!  GUYS!  We have the whole week off!  We have the whole week off!” (Insert jumping up and down incessantly)


“The whole week!  School is canceled!  Until next Thursday!”


“Seriously!  Because of the flu!  We don’t have school all week!”

“Stop lying.”

“I’m serious!”

“No, you’re not.”

“Guys!  I’m absolutely serious!  School is canceled for a whole week!  All the schools in Athens!  I’m not making this up!”

“Shut up, Elyse.”

**Cue phone call from Chris, telling us that all schools in Athens are closed for a week until next Thursday due to swine flu.

“Elyse!  School is canceled for a whole week!”

“I know.”

Turns out, if you give a few kids swine flu, the Ministry of Education in Greece finds it necessary to close all schools in Athens for an entire week.  This means two things: 1. Greece can see into the future and knows that the entire swine flu epidemic will be completely eradicated before classes resume on Thursday, and 2. I get a 7 day paid vacation!

And this is exactly how I ended up sitting on my bed at 3:20am with an oversized backpack stuffed to the brim lying beside me, trying to stay awake for another 2 hours when I must leave my house and make my way to Piraeus (the port city) to catch the 7:25am ferry to Santorini.  Yes, Santorini.  That storybook island with the white and blue buildings, donkeys meandering up steep steps, cliffs overlooking a breathtaking view of the ocean, and…well, I think I’ll stop there.  I, along with 4 friends, will be island hopping for the next 6 days, taking our own little tour of the Cyclades, a group of Greek islands.  Starting off in Santorini, where we will stay one night in Fira and then 2 nights in a 5 person apartment at a gorgeous little hotel in Oia (pronounced ee-ya), we will then move on to Ios and Mykonos.  This is all completely tentative, of course, seeing as how we currently only have the 2 night hotel stay in Oia booked and confirmed.  But, we all figure, the best way to island hop is to just hop.  Start off somewhere, meet some people, have some fun, get some suggestions, and hop on over to a new island and a new adventure.  If we’ve learned anything in Greece, it’s that the best thing, and often times the only thing, to do in this country and this culture, is to just relax and go with the flow.  So if this is the last post you ever read from me, my flow probably got lost somewhere in the Aegean Sea.

Thank goodness for swine flu.


One Response to “Gotta Love That Swine Flu…”

  1. Jillian Levi June 26, 2011 at 1:27 am #

    “So if this is the last post you ever read from me, my flow probably got lost somewhere in the Aegean Sea.”


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